The Communist Party of the Philippines on 7 September called on the Filipino people to “take advantage of the looming political crisis” and push their democratic resistance against the corrupt, terrorist and tyrannical Duterte regime. “More and more are becoming open to the idea of ending the tyranny even before next year’s elections,” the CPP said.

The CPP added, “A political crisis threatens to explode as Duterte clings to power amid the pandemic, destruction of the economy and people’s livelihood and exposure of large-scale corruption under his regime. There are intensifying contradictions within the ruling classes and between the ruling fascist regime and the people which can lead to major showdowns even before the elections.”

Reports by the Commission on Audit and investigations by the Philippine Senate showed that Duterte’s cronies are directly involved in pocketing billions of pesos, in the purchase of overpriced face masks, face shields and personal protective equipment from Chinese companies favored by Duterte.

The CPP said that corruption under the Duterte government exacerbates the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. “Duterte and his accomplices prioritized their pockets instead of raising the country’s capacity to confront the grave health crisis. While Duterte and the bureaucrat capitalists fattened themselves by robbing and squandering the people’s money, the people suffered from oppressive lockdowns, lack of mass testing, contact tracing and hospitals and medical facilities, slow vaccine roll-out, neglect of nurses and healthcare workers, widespread unemployment, loss of livelihood and income and paltry economic aid”.

The pandemic continues to worsen, with daily new cases of 20,000. Hospitals are overwhelmed and many people sick with covid-19 and other diseases are being denied medical attention.

Meanwhile, the Duterte regime continues with the murder, arrest, red-tagging and ‘forced surrender’ of human rights defenders, activists, dissenters and community leaders. The CPP said, “Billions of pesos are squandered for bombings, shelling and strafing by the AFP, terrorizing the population in the countryside.”

The CPP called on the Filipino people to "take advantage of the situation to tirelessly advance their struggles to defend their rights and welfare. The people’s strength must be built in the factories, hospitals and offices, campus and communities… Let the streams of protest merge into a giant wave of people marching in the streets.”

The CPP also called on the New People's Army to “intensify its tactical offensives and target the worst of the fascist criminals. Make the thunderclap of the armed victories echo the clamor for the overthrow of the monster Duterte.”