The people of Marawi, four years after the Duterte terrorist war and bombing in May 2017, still suffer with more than 320,000 people remaining homeless. They remain in evacuation centers without the basic needs for health and protection against Covid-19.

The Duterte administration declared martial law in the whole of Mindanao in May 2017 to defeat a so-called Maute Group. In the process, the regime’s Armed Forces of the Philippines, with US military support, launched a war of destruction on Marawi, causing many thousands of civilian casualties and widespread demolition of community infrastructures and homes. The area has now been turned into a military reservation of the US and AFP called Camp Ranao.

The widespread destruction has not been reconstructed. Promises of ‘rehabilitation and rebuilding’ remain unfulfilled. Billions of pesos of funds for reconstuction have disappeared. The more than 320,000 displaced and homeless people of Marawi continue to be deprived in inadequate evacuation centers, lacking basic health, food, and other necessities.

Marco Valbuena, Communist Party of the Philippines Chief Information Officer on 23 May condemned the Duterte regime and the US military for the widespread destruction of and the illegal land-grabbing of the lands of the people of Marawi. He reiterated the revolutionary movement’s support for the people of Marawi, and the Moro people in general, in their just struggle to return to their homes and in their struggle for genuine self-determination.