The Communist Party of the Philippines extended on 20 April “warmest greetings of proletarian solidarity” to the successful holding earlier in the week of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba. The CPP expressed unity with the CPC, the Cuban government and people “in their continuing struggle to uphold national freedom, work for economic progress and address the needs of the Cuban people in the face of the relentless attacks and aggravation by the US imperialists.”

The Philippine communists also congratulated the CPC for the election of Miguel Diaz-Canel as First Secretary, and said “we look forward to how the new generation of Cuban revolutionary leaders will continue the CPC’s militant and mass-oriented style of leadership as exemplified by Fidel and Raul Castro”.

The CPP cited Cuba’s “exemplary response to the Covid-19 pandemic”, its deployment of health workers across the world and its independent development of a vaccine, demonstrating Cuba’s achievements in building a democratic and progressive society.

“The achievements of the Cuban revolution serve as an inspiration for the working class and oppressed peoples the world over, in their struggle against imperialism and quest to end the exploitative capitalist system,” the CPP said.