The Communist Party of the Philippines on 6 March 2021 stated that it will outlast the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte whose term will end in 2022. “The New People's Army will grow stronger in Duterte’s remaining days in office,” CPP Information Officer Marco Valbuena said. “We are confident that even by the end of Duterte’s term or life, the AFP’s plans of crushing the New People's Army will be unrealized.”

Valbuena made the statement after Duterte ordered his security forces to disregard human rights and “kill, kill, kill” members of the New People's Army. Two days later, in the early morning of 7 March, Duterte’s security forces massacred nine unarmed activists in the Southern Tagalog region, near the nation’s capital.

Valbuena said that the Duterte government’s present policy of terror and armed oppression have only resulted in more people fighting back and joining the New People's Army. “The present economic crisis and the anti-people policies and corruption of the government have angered the Filipino people to fight back.”

In response to the growing number of opposition to his rule, the Duterte government has been buying more helicopters, airplanes, drones and bombs. Duterte and his cronies are also amassing public funds meant for health, education and the social and economic needs of the people.

“With the boundless support of the people, the NPA will continue to recruit new members, help the masses in their struggles, defend them against the state terrorists, overcome the AFP’s offensives and advance the people’s armed resistance,” Valbuena said.

“The people’s war will persevere long beyond Duterte, until the people’s desire for national freedom and social liberation is satisfied,” he said.