Philippine revolutionary forces joined the international community in condemning the 1 February coup d’etat and imposition of national emergency in Myanmar. The Communist Party of the Philippines expressed its support to the resistance of the people of Myanmar and called on Filipinos to “learn lessons from Myanmar where the undemocratic evils of military forces wielding political power are demonstrated ever so clearly.”

Myanmar military officials headed by Gen. Min Aung Hlaing  seized political power and imprisoned elected leaders and officials of the National League for Democracy, including its Chairperson Aung San Suu Kyi.

Marco Valbuena, CPP Chief Information Officer, said on 3 February, “The military coup preempted the opening of  parliament which was elected in the November 2020 elections. The military leaders refused to recognize the results of the November elections where the military-backed party lost by a landslide to the NLD.”

Valbuena said that the coup has brought back the monopoly of power of the military which has dominated Myanmar for more than 50 years. Under absolute military rule, the broad masses of Myanmar have suffered untold abuses, human rights violations, genocidal wars, plunder of economic resources and corruption by military officers.

The military junta agreed to a ‘power-sharing’ arrangement with elected civilian leaders in 2016, after being guaranteed of parliamentary seats and granted the power to appoint the vice president, defense, internal affairs and other key officials.

In the Philippines, Valbuena said, “the political power of the military generals has grown under the Duterte regime. To establish himself as a strongman, Duterte has expanded the powers of the military and police, enlarging the budgets of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, mounting wars and appointing former military officers to key government agencies.”

He called on the Filipino people to resist the growing powers of the military. “If the military’s expansion of powers continues, the Philippines is not far off from going down the bloody path of Myanmar’s military dictatorships,” he said.

In a separate statement on 5 February, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines also condemned the coup d’etat and reiterated its support for the resistance of the Myanmar people against military rule. It noted that “the military dictatorship is rousing the people to fight back, gain their democratic rights and put an end to oppression.”

The NDFP likewise called on the Filipino people to resist military rule in all its forms like the people of Myanmar.