Volume III, Number 16. 31 August 2021.

Reminiscent of the Vietnam War where US and local puppet troops called in massive airstrikes when they were in armed skirmishes with the Vietminh forces, Duterte’s armed troops called in a massive airstrike against a guerilla unit of the New People’s Army on 16 August in Dolores, Eastern Samar. US-supplied drones, attack planes and helicopters dropped bombs, fired missiles and cannon rounds against the revolutionary forces armed only with handguns, rifles and grenades.

This indiscriminate and brutal use of aerial firepower by the Armed Forces of the Philippines is a blatant violation of the rules of proportionality and necessity under international humanitarian law. The fascist troops disregarded the fact that there were unarmed medical personnel and civilians in the targeted area.

19 NPA fighters were martyred during the daylong air attack. Their sacrifice weighs heavy upon on the hearts of the working people across the Philippines and all the oppressed peoples of the world. We grieve the loss of our beloved warriors who gave their lives in the service of the people. But we will turn grief into greater strength and resolve to carry on in expanding the revolution.

Today in Eastern Visayas and the rest of the country, the NPA is making strides in increasing the number of new Red fighters, organizing new units, expanding its areas of operations, building new guerilla fronts and mounting tactical offensives to strike blows against the fascist monsters. The embattled NPA unit in Dolores will reorganize with new recruits to continue the work left by our fallen heroes.

Duterte did not learn from the lessons of the Vietnam War half a century ago and the recent events in Afghanistan. A corrupt puppet regime cannot rely on the massive use of bombs and advanced weapons to save itself from the wrath of a suppressed people fighting for its liberation.