VOLUME III, Number 13. 15 July 2021.

President Rodrigo Duterte and his retinue of sycophant propagandists are already prepping the public to scenarios of keeping himself in power beyond the May 2022 elections. Under the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, the President is barred from seeking reelection. But trust Duterte and his cronies to subvert the Constitution, imposing the illegal to be legal.

One scheme is to have daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio run for president. Like father, like daughter: mass murders, drug smuggling, government corruption and the Duterte dynasty live on. Another scheme is for Duterte himself to run for Vice President under a patsy President, the latter resigning after the elections to give way to the despot ‘legally’ reclaiming the Presidency. It can be surmised that there are even filthier schemes being cooked up, the minions will surely have ready arguments of their ‘legality’.

But really now: who’s wishing for a second Du-dirty presidency? Xi Jin Ping, Putin and Joe Biden come to mind. Imperialist masters need their unscrupulous despot to keep the Philippines under their thumbs. Top military and police officials with pools of blood in their hands also need Du-dirty to stave off prosecution for their heinous crimes.

The Filipino people will most certainly abhor a second Duterte presidency! This regime has brought only death, repression, worsening unemployment, worsening poverty, untrammeled corruption and barefaced national treason.

It has utterly failed to control the spread of Covid-19 and instead exacerbated police repression and government corruption. Unemployment, underemployment and poverty incidence all increased in the last five years, the projections already worsening even before the pandemic began in early 2020.

More than 30,000 Filipinos, mostly poor, have been murdered amid the sham ‘war on drugs’. And yet, by the police’s own reckoning, the drug problem has even worsened! What about government corruption? You don’t need Senator Manny Pacquiao to tell you, Duterte’s sham war on corruption is a total bust. The lower government ranks continue to pinch scraps, his closest cronies pilfer millions of pesos, while Du-dirty himself grabs the billions of pesos for himself.

The regime’s war against the Moro and indigenous peoples, and the total war against the revolutionary movement have resulted in hundreds of extrajudicial killings, torture, illegal detention, military occupation of villages and plunder of the nation’s natural resources. And yet, after five years, the revolutionary movement managed to strengthen and even expand further, fueled by the peoples’ resistance against the murderous regime.

After five excruciating years, the Filipino people are looking forward to the Duterte regime’s crash and burn. Duterte and his closest minions being prosecuted for their heinous crimes will be long awaited justice.