Volume III, Number 9. 15 May 2021.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign manager Lynton Crosby described the propaganda tactic called the ‘dead cat’. It’s the introduction of a sensationalist topic in order to divert the public’s attention from more damaging topics. It’s a ploy that is all too familiar in the Philippines.

Have yourself injected with a China-made vaccine which is not yet approved by the Food & Drug Administration. Challenge Justice Antonio Carpio to a debate on Philippine sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea. And then withdraw from the challenge apparently because you forgot that you’re a president. Accuse alleged Communist Party of the Philippines officials of being terrorists. Ad nauseam.

President Rodrigo Duterte and his minions are orchestrating this macabre routine of expletive-laden presidential ramblings and even sillier press briefings. He relentlessly assaults the Filipino people and the international community with sensationalist but nonetheless malodorous stunts in order to detract from the more reprehensible and deadlier realities. Indeed, Duterte is throwing ‘dead cats’ to create public distractions.

His imperialist masters must be delighted. But no, peace-loving nations and the peoples of the world are not distracted. The Duterte regime murders in the tens of thousands the very citizens it has sworn to protect and serve! It is culpable for the murderous terror of the ‘war on drugs’ and ‘war against communism’ perpetrated against oppressed and impoverished Filipinos. The regime’s corruption and incompetence are aggravating the number of deaths, disease and impoverishment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Corruption, incompetence and treasonous deals are driving the country’s economy further into debt and bankruptcy. And most clearly, Duterte’s treachery and spinelessness are surrendering the Filipino nation’s patrimony in the West Philippine Sea.

No matter how many dead cats they drop onto the mounting pile, Duterte and his ruling clique are going to be held into account. The peoples of the world see through the distractions and deceptions: the Duterte regime does not represent the sovereign Filipino nation. The broadest patriotic front of the Filipino people vehemently condemn the regime’s crimes and are demanding Duterte’s ouster and punishment as a cold-blooded murderer and traitor.