Volume III, Number 4. 28 February 2021.

It was just 12 months ago when Rodrigo Duterte made a huge show of terminating the US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement. US officials were then criticizing the Duterte regime for gross human rights violations, especially the killing of more than 30,000 Filipinos in connection with the regime’s so-called war on drugs. The US government also cancelled the travel visa of Duterte’s police executioner Ronald de la Rosa, causing him greater vexations.

Thus the bellicose threats and patriotic fervor. But there was no talk about terminating other unequal agreements with the US: the Military Assistance Agreement (MAA), Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) remained sacrosanct.

Just as we’ve forecasted a year ago, the patriotic sham ended soon enough. Backed up by the grumblings of his US-indoctrinated officials, Duterte flipped over. No more talks of terminating the VFA, he just wants to receive more cash, guns and bombs from the US.

Sorry, Mr. Duterte: the Filipino people’s sovereignty is not for sale! We unequivocally denounce the Duterte regime’s slavishness to US and Chinese imperialism. And we demand the complete abrogation of the US-RP VFA, and all treaties and under-the-table deals which give foreign powers extraterritorial rights in Philippine territories and which trample on our national sovereignty.

The Filipino people needs the cooperation of all peace loving peoples around the world in rejecting US interventionism in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. Peace loving peoples also need to cooperate to fight the growing hegemonism of China in the region.