Poster boys of state terrorism and fake news

Volume III, Number 10. 31 May 2021.

Trust the government of President Rodrigo Duterte to show the world new depths of brutality and lawlessness. The past three weeks saw a tragic barrage of murders, abductions and illegal detention all perpetrated by uniformed armed security agents of the Duterte regime.

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Duterte’s dead cats

Volume III, Number 9. 15 May 2021.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign manager Lynton Crosby described the propaganda tactic called the ‘dead cat’. It’s the introduction of a sensationalist topic in order to divert the public’s attention from more damaging topics. It’s a ploy that is all too familiar in the Philippines.

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Duterte regime sees Red in the community pantries

Volume III, Number 8. 30 April 2021.

As one observer remarked, the only thing red in the mutual aid stalls are the tomatoes.

Well-meaning Filipinos started these self-help initiatives, putting up makeshift stalls on the sidewalks of poor communities. Anyone can leave food and other necessities, so that others can take what they immediately need. But the ultra-paranoid Duterte regime branded these activities as subversive, and the regime’s rabid anti-communist enforcers went into action.

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Losing friends in high places

Volume III, Number 7. 15 April 2021.

President Duterte finally reappeared in public after an absence of nearly two weeks, quelling persistent rumors that his health condition is worsening. He’s reportedly suffering from migraines and chronic back pains, Barrett’s esophagus and Buerger’s disease. And, as rumors have it, his latest disappearance was because he suffered a stroke. As his presidential term nears its end in 2022, it looks like it’s the end of the road for Duterte, in more ways than just his failing health.

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Giving the enemy a chance to surrender

Volume III, Number 6. 31 March 2021.

In a brilliant display of a well-trained and disciplined army, the New People’s Army was able to subdue a detachment of the elite Philippine National Police Mobile Force on 20 March in Camarines Norte province, south of Manila. The Red fighters were able to seize high-powered firearms and ammunition from the enemy forces, treat the wounded, before safely retreating from the battle scene.

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