Selling out Philippine sovereignty

Volume III, Number 4. 28 February 2021.

It was just 12 months ago when Rodrigo Duterte made a huge show of terminating the US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement. US officials were then criticizing the Duterte regime for gross human rights violations, especially the killing of more than 30,000 Filipinos in connection with the regime’s so-called war on drugs. The US government also cancelled the travel visa of Duterte’s police executioner Ronald de la Rosa, causing him greater vexations.

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Quo vadis, Duterte?

Volume III, Number 3. 15 February 2021.

Perhaps a better question is, “Where are you, Duterte?” In the past months, President Rodrigo Duterte has rarely been seen in public, but instead appears in prerecorded video clips late Monday evenings.

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Covid-19 vaccine à la Duterte

Volume III, Number 2. 31 January 2021.

As of this writing, at least 10,290 Filipinos have died due to the coronavirus. Up to last week, at least 25,260 were still ill and about 1,300 more each day get sick. The Philippines has one of most coronavirus cases in Asia. Millions have lost their livelihood. And yet the government of Rodrigo Duterte is miserably trailing in the effort to vaccinate the Filipino people against the virus.

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Wherever there is repression there is resistance

Volume III, Number 1. 15 January 2021.

Although many decades have passed since this was first expressed by a great revolutionary leader, the recent developments in the Philippines once again prove this to be true.

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Prospects for greater victories in 2021

Volume II, Number 26. 31 December 2020.

2020 proved to be a very difficult year for the Filipino people. We had been battered relentlessly by debilitating natural calamities and the even more destructive man-made disaster in the form of the US-Duterte fascist regime.

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